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Things That Can Help You Have An Easy House Move
01 May 2014
Moving into a new home is never easy, but if you want to make your moving process speedy and efficient then there are lots of steps you can take. Here are just a few helpful hints and tips to turn your house move into the easiest process possible!1)    Start planning as soon as possible.Your house move is going to take up a lot of time, and you need to make sure all of your jobs are completed as soon as possible so that you have less room for errors and mistakes. Make a list of everything you need to get done, including your end of tenancy clean, transferring your address and collecting packing supplies. It’s a good idea to assign different jobs and tasks to different members of your family if possible, but make sure you’re checking to ensure all the jobs get done! 2)    Downsize your home to save packing.Downsizing your home is a great way to get rid of unwanted items, learn what you might need to buy for your new home, and prepare for the packing stages. Go through your home room by room and clear out any unwanted belongings. You can either sell items online or donate them to charity, but if items are in a bad condition it’s probably worth binning them instead. 3)    Hire a storage unit.Hiring a storage unit can be very useful, especially if you’re moving long distance or if you have a lot of items that you might not necessarily need in your new home. Look online or ask for friends and family’s recommendations to find great deals and excellent savings. 4)    Collecting packing materials.You’re now ready to start buying and collecting your packing materials and supplies. Lots of people choose to get second-hand boxes from their local stores as this is often free, but be aware that some boxes may have been weakened. Use packing tape to secure any weak boxes and prevent them from breaking. If you’ve hired a removals company then they might be able to supply you with bubble wrap, packing foam, foam packing peanuts and moving boxes, so it’s worth asking them for their help and advice if you’re looking for affordable supplies. 5)    Labelling your boxes.Labelling your boxes is incredibly beneficial, and it can make the difference between a bad move and a good one. Don’t just label your boxes with the room that they came from, you should also use a numbering system to denote how important each box is. This will help you to know what to unpack first once you get to your new home. 6)    Planning your moving day.Your actual moving day requires a lot of planning too. Make a list of time schedules, what will be packed and loaded into your van and car first, what will go into your emergency bag (wallet, paperwork, identification etc) and what order you’re going to unpack in. Having a schedule should make the day much easier, but set yourself realistic time goals to avoid the stress of falling behind. 7)    Things to do in advance.There are some things you should do in advance if possible. Try to make sure that your address has been changed with the post office, that you’re registered with your new doctor and that all of your bills are set up and ready for your new home. You might also like to have the internet and a phone line set up in your home in time for moving day too.